“Go ahead and try me.”

Jeong Taeeul had been testing his patience all night. Her blatant disregard for the doctor’s orders had grated at him. But then, what did he expect really? She disregarded his rules, and he was the King.

So when she playfully stretched out her neck like that, daring him to behead her as he so often threatened, he had had enough.

He pounced and kissed her on the tender part of her neck where his blade would have met with the least resistance. He had only meant to tease her. Truly.

But when his lips touched the delicate skin on her neck, right where her pulse pounded softly, warm, and steady, it was his resistance that broke. His blood roared, hot and ready. Unbidden, his lips pressed against her neck a little harder than he had meant to and drew some of her soft, pliant skin into his mouth for half a heartbeat before he forced himself to let go of her throat.

He drew back to look at her, catching the way she blinked rapidly to regain focus.

“Hey, that’s—“

But he didn’t want her to be focused. He wanted her to be so out of control that she wouldn’t be able to string a single sentence together. So he kissed her again. He wanted to kiss her senseless, until she could only utter the vowels in the English alphabet in between gasps and breaths. But first, he needed her to be quiet.

His lips captured her bottom lip, plump and pink. He gave it a little nip to see what she would say next.

But all she could do was stare back at him, eyes wide open and swirling with the same kind of storm that raged outside their window. His Lieutenant was no shrinking flower and it thrilled him that she could stare back so calmly at him, even if the pulse he could see on the base of her throat was hammering wildly beneath her skin. He wanted to bite her there, like the way he nipped at her lips.

His eyes moved up to her lips, cherry red now. Open, with hot little breaths fanning over his own heated lips. Heavens above, even her breath was sweet. If he could devour her breath he would.

“I’m sure I told you,” he said, his voice low and deep with pent up hunger, “that you could be beheaded for addressing me with hey,” he continued, his eyes caressing her treasonous lips that have called him all manners of indignity, “this or that.”

She had the grace to look contrite. She cleared her throat nervously and swallowed whatever excuse she had thought of for her behavior. She started fiddling with her hands and began to draw back from him.

“Stop being ridicu—“

Before she could kick him out of the room, before she could tell him to stop, and he swore he would when she eventually told him to, he decided to steal one more, one last, kiss.

He lunged forward, plunged his right hand into her soft wavy hair to cradle her head as his lips caught hers. He trapped her bottom lip between his lips, sucked it a little into his mouth and teased it with the tip of his tongue. He kissed her upper lip in the same way, kissed her like that again and again until her lips were so swollen and he could feel her breath hitching into his mouth, trying to catch a breath.

He didn’t like that at all. He wanted her air to come from his mouth, wanted her to need him like he needed her.

So he pushed his tongue into her small mouth and breathed her in. He kept his hand at the back of her head gentle enough should she want to pull away but, dear god, he prayed she wouldn’t. He sought out her tongue inside her mouth, found the tip of it and circled around before sliding on top of it, and deeper into her mouth.

He felt one of her hands take hold of the edge of his robe and he took it as a sign that she had reached her farthest point before utter panic. So he slowed down his wayward tongue, kissed her bottom lip one more time, one last nip on her upper lip, lingered, and withdrew. His hand retreated back down to cup her cheek as he looked at her.

Her lips look thoroughly kissed. Tenderly, his thumb moved over the softness of cheek to touch a corner of her kiss-swollen lips. He had done that, made her speechless with a kiss. He was alright with that, for now.

He had been ready to let her go until he saw her eyes. They were heavy lidded, like she had just woken up from a dream she hadn’t been ready to let go of. Her eyes searched his, asking, wanting things she couldn’t bring herself to speak of just yet. So instead, she turned up her face to his, lifted her eyes, cheeks, nose, and mouth to him in silent offering.

And he understood at once that the hand on his robe had not meant to stop him, but to pull him closer to her.

He looked at her lips once more, grateful that he was allowed to taste them once again, permitted to take more than a kiss. And he was going to take everything.

Lee Gon looked at Jeong Taeeul and let her know, wordlessly, that this was him claiming her.

His hand over her cheek moved to cup her jaw as his thumb slid over her bottom lip, still so swollen and pretty, and he whispered, “Open for me.”

For the first time, Jeong Taeeul did as her king asked and opened her mouth for him, welcoming the burning heat of his lips, teeth, and tongue on hers. She felt him take her bottom lip with a suck and tiny bite as he guided her down onto the bed. With his left hand planted solidly on her right side, his hand on the back of her head never left as he angled her head in a way to take his kiss deeper.

Her hands slid beneath his robe and slowly climbed up his back. The silk beneath her fingers felt cool to the touch but beneath it, she could feel the heady heat of his skin. She wanted to touch him without all that silk and feel the heat of his back sear her palm as she ran her hands over him. So she bunched up the material of his pajama top, crushed all that expensive silk in her hands, and when the edge had been lifted, slid her small hands underneath to finally touch his bare back.

The feel of her hands on his naked skin sent slivers of electricity up his spine and reminded him that they were both still too dressed. Regretfully, he lifted his lips from hers and said, “Hold on, yeobo.”

Then he rose from the bed, clapped twice, and turned off all the lights in his bedroom, leaving only the warm glow of the bedside lamp. He grinned when he saw Taeeul turn on her side and rest her head on one hand, while the other lay in front of her, restless on the bedcovers. The light of the lamp behind her softened the outline of the curves of her body— a sight he rarely saw given all the bulky coats and sweaters she always wore.

He slid his robe off his shoulders and left it on the floor of his bedroom. Their bedroom, now. He licked his lips in anticipation as his fingers started to unbutton his pajama top.

But then Taeeul decided to brave right then and slowly rose to her knees on the bed. The covers slipped off her, revealing the rest of her pajamas in the color of hydrangea flowers. She reached out for his hands and gently sent them away from his buttons, wanting to undress him herself. She had no doubt he was going to make her his in every sense of the word tonight. So she was going to take as much as she was going to be given tonight, too.

She made quick work of his buttons, hands always ever so efficient. Then she looked up at him. He was still so tall, even with the added benefit of the bed beneath her knees. She slid her hands beneath the collar of his loose top to the back of his neck and pulled him closer. Her left hand strayed and ran along his strong jawline, down his neck to his Adam’s apple, and ghosted over the scar made by sharp edge of the Manpasikjeok. She was overcome with a fierce protectiveness for young Lee Gon and kissed him on his scar gently, sweetly.

Then she slid both hands down his broad shoulders, enjoying the long, slow journey across each plane until she had pushed his top away from him and down his arms until they fell away from his wrists to join his robe on the floor.

And then suddenly she had a half naked Lee Gon in a dimly lit opulent bedroom fit for a king. He was magnificent. And he was all hers.

Her fingers trembled as she placed them on his strong chest, feeling the sure, steady drum of his heartbeat beneath her palms. She wondered how he could be so calm when her own pulse was a riot ringing in her ears. Then she began to move her hands down the long length of his torso, the tips of her fingers catching onto his hard nipples as her hands wandered down the lean ridges of his abdomen. From rowing, she thought, just like his strong arms.

He let her look. He let her play a bit, holding back as much as he could to let her get used to his nakedness. He allowed himself to bask in her open admiration, to enjoy the curious touch of her hands even as her eyes burned with a fierce possessiveness that only he could match. But when her fingers undid the knot of his drawstring pants, he had reached his limit.

He gently swatted her hands away as his pants hung low on his hips, the silken material molding onto his erection and letting her know he was completely naked underneath. He saw her eyes widen in realization and he grinned when she bit her lip.

He placed his fingers beneath her chin and tipped her face up to meet his. She was so beautiful with her dark stormy eyes, usually pale cheeks now flushed pink, and kiss-drunk lips. Then he ran tip of forefinger down the middle of her long neck and hooked two fingers on the first button of her top.

Then smiled salaciously at her before tearing through all her buttons in one swift, decisive downward push of his fingers.

Taeeul was too shocked to reprimand him for wasting a perfectly good pair of pajamas and found it hard to even protest because his hands were everywhere all at once. He had divested her of the ruined top and threw it over his shoulder, leaving her in her thin white tank top while he took her lips once more in a hungry open-mouthed kiss. Then she felt his hands slide beneath the cotton material of her tank top, pushing it up while his mouth moved downwards, kissing her everywhere his lips could reach as he slid her tank top off her.

Reverently, he placed his large hands on her ribcage as he gently lifted her up and off the bed to stand before him. She held onto his shoulders and was reminded of the first time he lifted her up onto Maximus and took her to his world. This moment felt the same.

Except this time, Lee Gon, the King of Corea, was on his knees before her.

He cradled the delicate curve of her shoulders as he looked up her, held her gaze as he pressed a kiss between her breasts and slowly moved his mouth over the gentle swell of her right breast. He savored her petal soft skin underneath his lips as his hands tightened their hold on her.

He blew hot air right onto her tight pink pebbled nipple, teasing her, before his naughty tongue snaked out of his mouth and licked her. Taeeul whimpered right then, his strong Lieutenant. Heady with his power to melt a woman such as her, he got greedy and sucked her whole nipple into the wet heat of his mouth. Her eyes closed as her mouth fell open in a quiet little moan.

Jeong Taeeul felt her knees tremble and her legs threaten to crumble. His mouth on her breast was a direct line to the junction between her legs. Every pull of his mouth and tongue and teeth on her nipple she could feel deep in her molten core. She felt her sex clench painfully over emptiness and she pressed her thighs together to stave off the need.

She held onto his shoulders, feeling like she might collapse from the heat of it all. But then his mouth released her and was suddenly moving down over her stomach. His hands were now at her waist, his fingers hooked onto the elastic of both her underwear and pajama bottom.

He looked up at her then, searching her eyes for any sign of protest and when he saw nothing but pure need, he slid the rest of her clothes past her hips and down her legs. He felt his chest tighten at the sight of her delicate mound, tender nether lips hidden away by thin wisps of dark hair. He caged her hips in his hands and held her steady as he pressed a worshipful kiss on the middle of her mound.

Her hands tightened painfully over his shoulders and when he heard her whisper, “Gon, please” he sprang into action and stood, swept her up into his arms, and carefully sat her back on the bed, her legs hanging off its side. Then he quickly divested himself of his pants and went back to her, unable to stay away from the heat of her body for too long. He felt her eyes drop onto his turgid manhood and felt a sense of pride when he heard a sharp intake of breath. He was a tall man at 6 feet 2 inches and his erection stood at full mast.

And his brave Lieutenant Jeong Taeeul bit her bottom lip and then covered it with a hand as if embarrassed at her reaction. She was a beautiful blend of a shy little girl and an intense, passionate woman. He watched as the woman in her won out and she reached out a tentative hand to him. He kept his hands resolutely on his sides as she slowly touched the flared head of his erection first with her fingertips and then laid her palm the underside, running her hand down his hard length right to the sensitive base.

He thought he could endure her exploring hands but he had almost reached the end of his fuse and was near to bursting. And he hadn’t even done half of the things he had imagined himself doing to her countless times. So he took hold of her hand and lifted it up to his lips, kissed her fingertips and her palm and said, “Later, yeobo. I need you.”

Taeeul nodded in assent. She didn’t have any idea what she was doing anyway and she hoped he would show her how to make his body riot the way he was doing with hers.

When he was about to release her hand, he caught sight on the wounds on her knuckles from punching her two captors, the broken glass debris of the truck that had slammed onto the payphone, and fighting off the driver of the truck. They were almost healed now. He frowned as he ran his thumb across the back of her fingers.

“I nearly lost you,” he said, his voice coming out in a choke. His hand tightened on hers as the thought broke through the fog of desire in his mind. “I nearly had to live without you, Taeeul.”

Her other hand covered his and placed his palm flat on her cheek. She nuzzled against his large hand and pressed a kiss in the middle of his palm before resting her cheek against its warmth. She looked at him, eyes bright and whispered, “I’m here.”

When his eyes remained troubled, she brought his hand down to chest, over her strong, wildly beating heart.

“I’m here,” she repeated, clearer and louder.

His deep dark eyes suddenly shuttered to life as he took her hands and placed them both flat on the bed. He bent over her to look at her squarely in the eyes. His eyes shone bright with love, desire, and danger.

“You, young woman, have been very bad lately,” he said, his voice low, posing no real threat, but promising other dark things. He touched his forehead to hers and gave a little push.

She fell back on the bed as he towered over her and laid his palm flat on the bed beside her head.

“Very, very bad.”

She felt him move his other hand over her bare shoulder, across her collarbone and down the middle of her chest. His fingertips followed the sensitive under curve of her left breast, circled around the top and on and on went his fingertips, circling ever closer to her tightening nipple.

Then he lightly scraped his short blunt fingernail on it before squeezing it between his thumb and forefinger in a gentle but deliciously painful pinch.

Taeeul’s hands flew up and one held onto his wrist beside her head as the other grabbed hold of the bedsheet as she threw her head back in a high sweet moan. Her body writhed beneath him and her thighs rubbed helplessly against each other.

“Taeeul, look at me.”

She whimpered as she struggled to catch her breath, even as his fingers continued their sweet torture.


Even his low gravely voice was wreaking havoc on her senses. When she was finally able to look at him, he smiled darkly at her.

“Let’s do a run down of your list of transgressions, shall we?”

Taeeul could only swallow nervously. “I don’t—“

He covered her left breast his whole hand, kneading it gently as he crushed her sensitive nipple with the heat of his palm.

“You looked for alcohol even though the doctor put you on antibiotics.”

He ran the edges of his blunt fingernails down the side of her ribcage as her belly caved in sweet anticipation.

“You teased me with your shoulder even though I was prepared to be…considerate.”

His forefinger rimmed the circle of her bellybutton and she felt her womb clench in response. Then his fingers went lower, and lower still.

“You called me, ‘hey’ instead of Pyeha.”

She felt his knee move between her thighs, hooking beneath her leg as he pressed his knee down on the bed and opening her thighs for his wandering hand.

“And the worst of it, my love, my heart,” he said as his hand moved lower and cupped her hot wet sex in his large hand, “is that you let them tie your hands up.”

Taeeul closed her eyes and covered the keening sound she made with the back of her hand when she felt one large finger trace the slippery seam of her core, gathering the cream on his fingertip before burying itself into her slit, straight onto her clit.

“When I should have been the first one to do it,” he finished as he watched her fall apart beneath his hands. He caressed her clit in slow circles, letting her feel the strength in his hands, the rough patch of his callus on the first knuckle, sometimes a tease of a fingernail, and the wet, steady press of his fingertip on all her exposed nerve endings.

“Do you know why I have a four poster bed, my love?”

Taeeul shook her head as her grip on his wrist tightened, little cries of pleasure escaping from beneath her hand on her mouth as her hips began making circles in time with his finger.

“Because I’ve imagined making love to you on it with your hands tied to one or two of the posts since I was 16 and I read documents of sexual practices from the east to the west.”

Then he drove his middle finger deeper into her creamy slit until he reached the small mouth of her opening where she continued to leak copious amounts of honey. Unable to help himself, he buried his face in her neck and inhaled the scent of British Rose from her shampoo as he traced the soft wet entrance to her body where she was most sensitive.

He felt her escalating moans in her throat beneath his lips and he opened his mouth to kiss her there once more. And when he finally plunged his finger deep into her scalding hot center, he felt her hands desperately clutch onto his back as her sheath squeezed wetly around his finger. He drove it deep and pulled as her muscles desperately clung to his retreating finger. He didn’t keep her waiting long as he went back inside her again and again, in time to her rising cries.

When he gave her two fingers, Jeong TaeEul exploded in his hand as he swallowed her scream into his mouth.

Then he kissed her, peppered her face with little soothing kisses as she slowly came down from her orgasm. He would never forget the way she looked right now for the rest of his life. Eyes heavy lidded with pleasure, cheeks and nose tinged bright pink with the rush of desire in her blood vessels, and her sweet plump mouth made red by the ardor of his own mouth. His soft, beautiful Jeong Taeeul, and only he was allowed to see this side of her.

He waited until her muscles had stopped convulsing around him before removing his fingers from her. As he slid out his fingers, he heard her take a sharp breath and let out a tiny moan. He quirked his eyebrows at her

“Someone’s a little insatiable.”

Taeeul could only laugh and weakly hit him on his shoulder as she stretched out like satisfied little cat beneath him. His eyes raked down her body appreciatively.

“It’s your fault,” she told him as she reached up to touch his face. She smiled at him, lethargic with post-orgasm happiness.

And then she watched him lick clean the fingers that had been inside her. The movements of his tongue were hypnotic and soon, her thigh had climbed up his hip while her other leg began rubbing up his thigh. Then the ache between her thighs was there again.

Lee Gon smiled triumphantly. Whatever cards the gods had dealt him with, his one saving grace was Jeong Taeeul. His queen was a warrior and a conqueror, in and out of bed.

But it was time to show her why he was her king.

Without warning, he grabbed her by the waist and tossed her higher up the bed. She landed with a soft plop and before she could get her bearings, he had climbed up after her, hooked her thighs apart on his hip and over his elbow. Then cradled her head with his forearm and took hold of her shoulder, holding her steady as he lowered his hips against hers.

At the first brush of the underside of his cock against her open pussy, both of them groaned. He twisted his hips until his shaft was slotted neatly between her wet folds. Then he sawed back and forth, making sure that the flared head of his length would run over her opening and clitoris in every slide back and forth.

Then he felt her hand squeeze his arm.

“Lee Gon, please…”

His name, said that way, with those lips, was his undoing. He reached down, slotted the head of his cock on her wet, needy entrance and teased her once more by rubbing her once just around the lips. Then he pushed and pushed inside until his head was lodged inside her.

Then he moved up, made sure her hips were angled correctly, and brought his face close to hers. He wanted to watch the face of the woman he loved as he made her his for the first time. He felt her arm curve over his shoulder while a hand snuck up his chest to his neck, up the side of his face until her fingers brushed through his hair. Then she clasped her hands over his back and hung on to his shoulders, telling him wordlessly that she was ready.

And Lee Gon surged inside her in a maddeningly slow slide, making her feel every inch, every ridge and vein on his cock until the mouth of her center kissed the very base of his shaft. He watched as Taeeul’s eyes had slid to a close and her head slowly rolled back with every inch she had taken. And when she had taken all of him, she opened her eyes and looked at him.

The love and devotion he saw in them nearly made him weep. He just knew that he would tear the whole universe down if it ever denied him the right to look into her eyes like this every night.

Then began the equally slow and torturous slide back out. When Taeeul moaned in protest, he slammed back so hard and so fast that she nearly flew up the bed. But he had a good grip on her hip and shoulder and he held her down as his thrusts came down deeper and harder.

Sometimes, he would thrust in a little harder and just stayed inside her, savoring the feel of being inside her as she moved her hips pleadingly underneath him. And then he would begin again, slow, and steady, picking up the pace when she least expected it. She felt like her heart was going to explode out of her chest.

And then his hips twisted sharply, touching her deeper. And then his thrusts became more insistent, as if he was trying to crawl inside her so they could become one person. She opened her arms and drew him in deeper, angled her hips and opened herself more for his thrusts.

Suddenly, he said, “Taeeul, give me one more.”

Then he reached down and swiped his thumb over her clit as his thick length buried itself into her, over and over again. The combined feel of his big thumb swathing her engorged clit with sensation and his powerful manhood driving into her sent Taeeul’s senses into overdrive and her petite body couldn’t handle the onslaught of pleasure.

She gave in and combusted in his arms as Lee Gon let go and started plowing into her while she came all around him. And when she tightened painfully against him on the last throes of her orgasm, he felt thunder rush into his veins as he gave one last powerful thrust and emptied himself into her.

Then he collapsed on top of her, still inside her. She welcomed the weight of his body on hers, hoping it would tame her madly beating heart that was still threatening to bust out of her rib cage.

Realizing that he might be crushing her, he drew himself up and slid out of her. Then he went back into her arms and rested his face against her breasts. She closed her arms around his shoulders and over his back and kissed the top of his head. She couldn’t stop touching him, couldn’t stop running her hands over his broad shoulders and back, couldn’t stop running her hands over his arms, couldn’t stop running her hands through his soft thick hair.

“Woman, did I not satisfy you enough? You want more?”

Taeeul laughed and swatted his shoulder.

He back moved on top, resting on his elbows to look down at her. She suddenly turned shy under such close scrutiny and avoided his eyes. Lee Gon laughed at the duality of the woman in his arms and once more, thanked the gods for all the tragedies he had to endure if in the end, the reward was to have Jeong TaeEul in his life.

Tenderly, he kissed her on the cheek.

“Let’s get some sleep?”

Right on cue, she yawned like a kitten while nodding up at him. So he got up, took one corner of the bedcover and turned it down while Taeeul crawled up the bed and slid underneath the blankets. He crawled in after her. And as if they had been doing it their whole lives, their bodies angled themselves towards each other, her head sought out the pillow of his arm as he curled it around her while the rest of their limbs entwined with each other.

Their heartbeats slowed in time with their breaths.

“Lee Gon?”


“I love you.”

He smiled sleepily and kissed her on her forehead.

“I’ll never get used to that. Me too.”

Taeeul grinned up at him, and then snuggled back into his chest. Lee Gon tucked her in closer, breathed in the soft smell of British roses in her hair, and as he fell into the most blissful of his sleep of his life since 1994, he thought he could get used to this— sleeping with Jeong Taeeul in his arms and knowing that tomorrow morning, he would wake up with Jeong Taeeul still in his arms.

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