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From: Him

It's past 3 am, and I'm still thinking about you. I went on a quick morning run just in case you wondered why your notifications are flooding again. Call me when you wake up, my beautiful sleepyhead.

From: Him

I'm off to a meeting today, and I probably won't be on my phone the whole time, but I will be thinking of you all day. I miss you.

From: Him

Still not up? Haha. I just finished my meeting, and I'm having lunch with the boys. Don't worry, the place they booked is kind of exclusive, so most likely there won't be that many people.

30 missed calls.

From: Him

Baby, I think you should wake up. You're already skipping breakfast and lunch, that's not good for you.

To: Him

Hi! Omg! I'm so sorry I overslept! I'll cook some food first then I'll call you after. How are you? Are you still with the boys? Tell them I said hey.


I quickly stood up and washed my face. It's already 2pm, and my tummy is insanely making weird noises.

Last night I slept late because I was binge-watching a series that I completely lost track of time. I was on face time with him while we both watched the same film, and I think I dozed off, leaving him on call.

This week I planned to stay at home and decided we should refrain from seeing each other at the moment. Not because we are careful of the paparazzi but because the virus was not getting any better. I actually worry for him because he had to work on so many projects these days that he rarely gets day-offs.

He protested as he thinks it's unreasonable for me to deny him some quality time, but in the end, he had no choice but to listen, or I'll end up fighting him again.

I cooked some eggs and some vegan taco balls while I scrolled through the thousands of comments and tags on my Instagram. I smiled at his recent post, wherein he filmed a 6-second video while slightly tilting his head. I thought it was adorable.

He always makes that same gesture when we come to a place where we can no longer think of any topic, and there's a long stretch of silence while we're on face time.

I dialed his number, and after two rings, he immediately picked up.

"Hello." His husky voice echoed.

"Hi." My heart fluttered.

"I hope you're already eating. It's late." I sensed his worry.

"I'm still cooking, but I'm almost done. How about you? Are you finished eating?" I probed as I turned off the stove.

I turned my phone on speaker and placed it at the top of the counter while I scooped the dish unto my plate.

"Yeah. We are just talking, and I think after this we might go to the beach. What are you doing today?" He asked.

"I'll clean up around the house and maybe try to finish the season 1 of the series. Do you want me to wait for you so we can watch it together?" I said as I took a bite on my tacos.

"No. You go ahead and watch it. I'll catch up with you later on face time."

"Minho! Let's go! The ride to the beach is going to be long, we need to get going now." I heard his friends in the background.

"They are calling you already. Go ahead and follow them. I'll talk to you later after I finish cleaning the house."

"Alright. Take care, my love. Text me all the time, okay? I wanna know what you're doing."

"You're so clingy," I chuckled. "What am I gonna text you? That I'm lying on my bed and feeding myself some chips? That's so boring."

"Exactly. And that's not boring, okay? I would really love to know what you're up to."

"Fine, whatever. I'm saying goodbye now. Be careful outside, okay? And wear your freaking mask for goodness' sake. I don't want to be single in the next months."

I immediately regretted saying that. It was something I should not be joking around.

"You won't be. Who knows? Your status might level up to something like engaged?" He laughed softly.

"Ya! I told you, stop saying that--- "

"Bye, babe! I love you." He hung up.

"That idiot." I hissed to myself. He always makes fun of me like that, making me nervous and excited about his plans on settling down.

He never really explicitly asked me, but lately, he has been shamelessly implying it.

I may act like I don't like talking about it (because I get shy all the time), but I actually get butterflies every time, and I know he knows it because my blushing cheeks always gives me away. Besides, if he knew I was uncomfortable with it, he would quit bringing up that kind of conversation.


I just got out of the shower and finished getting ready when my phone resounded like crazy. I opened it and saw that he posted some photos of him in some orangey coat. I suck at explaining fashion.

To: Him

Hey. Do you know this guy? He's my boyfriend. He's so handsome, right?

From: Him

He is. He's so blessed to have such a gorgeous girlfriend like you. I'm jealous.

To: Him

Silly. Hahaha. People are going crazy. Some are attacking me again :(

From: Him

Who are they? Show me so I can revoke their Minoz membership.

To: Him

Tss. Hahaha. Don't be so serious. I don't care about them.

To: Him

Anyway, please tell my boyfriend I miss him :( I hope he's having a lovely day.

From: Him

He says he misses you too and that his day would be lovelier if he was with you. He's also asking you to look at his IG comments. The shippers are so cute. Hahaha.

To: Him

I know, right? Sometimes they scare me how they can figure things out, but I love them. Hahaha. Bye babe, I'll start cleaning up already.

From: Him

Okay. I miss you so bad, my beautiful one. I'll see you very soon.

I giggled as I put my phone down. I feel like a high school girl being courted by the hottest guy on campus. It feels so dreamy that I sometimes have to remind myself that he's already mine.


I literally just spent the whole day tidying up my apartment. I almost wanted to flip over everything because of the frustration. I just hate when everything is so unorganized. I had to retake a bath to feel refreshed.

"Finally. Some Netflix." I exhaled loudly as I fell on the couch. I put down my fries and juice on the table and was about to press on the show I wanted to watch when my phone went crazy again.

What is it this time? Are we already busted?

He posted again. My soul warmed looking at him being incredibly majestic with the sunset. I was about to comment on something using my dummy account (I always use it when I want to troll his Instagram with some cheesy comments) when he suddenly sent me a message.

From: Him

I'm inlove with you.

I couldn't think of anything else to put as a caption, so I'm just letting the people make one for me, and so far, there are already so many entries.

But if I had the liberty to write you one, that's what I would say.

I'm inlove with you, bubby. I can't wait for the day to come when I can finally fill my account with your pretty face.

To: Him

Why do I feel like you're doing all these so that I will feel guilty and finally allow you to come here?

From: Him

Maybe? Hahaha. Did it work?

To: Him


From: Him

Okay then. I guess I'll just have to piss Noona much more and post every day on my Instagram until you give in.

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