MinEun OS: Chanel vs. Louis Vuitton

“See, if I knew you couldn’t cook like Lee Gon I would have reconsidered this relationship.” She teased as they sat on his living room couch eating takeout – obviously delivered from his favourite five-star restaurant who magically only delivered for him. The owner was a huge fan of his, or so she had learnt when they had a private dinner at the restaurant a few months ago, she might have been a tad jealous.

“You should have guessed, I could barely chop anything.” He exclaimed recalling back to shooting the kitchen scene with her.

She just smiled and kept quiet, she hadn’t noticed, she had been too busy hyperventilating because she had realized that she had a crush on her co-star and he looked rather dashing in black. Thankfully, her dazed look translated well to the scene. She had tried so hard to not fall for him but it was impossible to stop herself, they just gravitated towards each other – and she was glad for it now.

You can cook, you should cook for me.” He beamed at her, she loved the way he smiled at her, his whole face seemed to smile – his lips pulled up, his nose twitched and his eyes twinkled and got smaller. It is what her team whispered about first, do you see how he looks at you her assistant had asked in a hushed whisper one day.

“Okay, if you can get them to deliver me lunch at work once a week.” She said pointing to the takeout box. It was nice to not have to actually go there to enjoy their food – she also didn’t care to watch another woman fawn over her boyfriend while she personally served them.

“Deal.” He said.

“Deal. Does Thursday work? I have the evening off, you can come over.” She asked.

“No, I have an virtual appointment to attend the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer menswear – our ever observant fans will definitely notice if I am in your house while attending.” He sighed, it was always so hard to get their schedules to line up. Today’s impromptu dinner was due to a cancelled shoot, he had called her right away and she had snuck in undetected as always. She had this wonderful ability to blend into the crowd when she wanted to, she was very lowkey.

“Ew.” She teased as she took another bite of her food.

“You don’t always have to be a Chanel ambassador.” He laughed.

“I just don’t particularly love Louis Vuitton.” She shrugged, knowing it would rattle him. She had seen his closet and knew that he was the proud owner of a lot of LV that he looked great in.

“Why?” He asked, excited to learn something new about her.

“It’s so…loud? Like the print is everywhere, the buckles are too big and it’s just…too flashy.” She explained.

“Chanel is also flashy-”

“No they’re not!”

“They don’t have logos everywhere but everyone can recognize their tweed sets and the bags…and they all look the same.”

“They do not!” She defended, they experimented with seasonal bags, it was just the classics tended to look the same because it worked.

“It’s that quilting patten over and over again, there’s no innovation, no versatility, no risk.” He said.

“Because they are CLASSIC and don’t cater to teenage girls like all the LV bags, if I got a dollar for every Neverfull I saw I’d be a millionaire without having to work.”  She quipped.

He scoffed at that. “Virgil Alboh doesn’t cater to teenage girls. Louis Vuitton has had the best menswear lines for years now.”

“I can give you that…but everything is still SO flashy, it looks cheap.” She added the last part in before taking a bite of her food.

He gasped at that. “You think my clothes look cheap?”

She couldn’t help but burst out into laughter at his indignation. “Aigoo, did I hurt your feelings?” She asked putting the food down on the table. “I don’t think your clothes look cheap, you can make a 1000 Won t-shirt look designer.”

He beamed at that and she had to shake her head. She had been surprised by how playful he could he be and how easily he laughed and smiled, it still made her heart skip a beat. “I am still hurt and need to be comforted.” He said while putting his own food on the table.

She laughed as she crawled to his side of the sofa and made herself comfortable on his lap, wrapping her arms around him. “Better?” She asked looking up into his mesmerizing eyes, she loved the way they shined. It was the first thing that made her heart stutter, the way he looked at her.

“No, I still feel hurt.” He pouted and she laughed as she leaned into kiss him, placing a chaste peck on his lips.

“Chanel is still better though.” She whispered as he wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll prove it.” She said and then burst out into laughter when he sighed.

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