Romancing Miss Sunshine Chapter 1

Introduced to You

Even he couldn't pinpoint when was the exact time he fell for her.

He watched movies and dramas in his free time. Because he liked them, and because he felt he still had a lot to learn in terms of acting. Over the last few years, her movies were memorable for him. He thought, wow, what a brilliant actress. She slipped and moulded into all her roles as if she was born as those characters.

Then she started to expand through dramas, and Goblin had to be one of the best dramas he watched in the past decade. Beside the brilliant story, the female lead was amazing. Kim Go Eun as Ji Eun Tak tugged at your heartstrings, pulled you into her world, and would make you sympathize with her, as if you're beside her, walking within her life, watching nearby.

So there was definitely admiration, even before he actually met her for the first time.

They met briefly at an award show in 2015.

She was simple and humble, unlike a girl who had received high class awards.

He was glad to receive the script for The King: Eternal Monarch. He liked the story. It's definitely going to be a memorable project, the first one after he returned from his enlistment.

When he met her during the first script reading, he was surprised by how she presented herself. She's so down to earth and unpretentious. She was wearing something really basic. Her style was effortless, without anything flashy or obviously prepared to create a certain image. She chose her clothes because it was comfortable, and that was it.

He had met a lot of girls. Actresses. Models. Journalists. Staf. Production team and crew. Everyone, all the girls he had met before, were all so self-conscious when they met him. So well-dressed, with beautiful make-up on, perfume and high-heels.

When they first met, Go Eun was wearing baggy pants and a pullover, with a hat and sneakers. He wasn't sure she even wore any makeup, except the bright smile that reached on to her shiny eyes.

"I'm on Kim Tan's side, Sunbaenim. I'm a fan. Please take care of me."

He laughed and bowed back. It's like meeting a junior from school.

"Please take care of me" was an expression that a junior often say to her senior in Korea. It's an expression to show that they respect you, and was willing to be led by you in the project you'd be working together with.


Maybe it's the way she lighted up the whole set just by being cheerful and so willing to cooperate.

Maybe it's because she could speak well with everyone. From the PD-nim, the other actors, the extras, the stylists and the crews. Old or young, she would smile and joke, listened and gave a sincere response. In a matter of days, she seemed to become friends with everybody onset.

Or was it the way she looked at him? With respect and admiration, yet with the ease and confidence of someone who knew she had always done her best in her own work.

It was a bit amusing, he thought. Every time they discussed their scene together, he always felt a tad happier than before they talked.


One afternoon, in the first week of their filming, they all sat together for lunch at the tables of Nari's little cafe. He was sitting with Woo Do Hwan and the PD. In front of him, on the right, Go Eun sat with Kim Young Ji and Kim Kyung Nam. They were talking about Maximus, and how attached the horse was to Min Ho. Young Ji was telling Go Eun about how she thought it would be nice to own her own cafe one day.

That was when he turned to her. He might have been staring for a few seconds, and she felt it, so she turned to him as well.

He could see the confusion in her eyes. As if she was wondering what he was doing. What was the look for. They were on break, and not filming.

He held his gaze. Just curious to how she would react.

"Omo, there's Lee Min Ho-ssi! Omo, omo, I'm so blessed to see a Hallyu star!"

And his laughter rang because of it, while the whole table smiled and chuckled.

It had been a joke, how she was happy to work with "Kim Tan". And even on the-was it the fifth day?- people still buy her star-struck joke as mostly her real feelings.

He played along. Of course, he always played along.

"Actress Kim, I'm so happy to meet you" he said regally, as if they were in the middle of a fanmeeting and stretched out his hand. She shook it good-naturedly.

"Ye, omo, I'm so blessed. I shall never wash my hand."

He laughed again, then. And she looked relieved, the confusion in her eyes earlier was gone, replaced with her usual eye-smile.

She really knew how to create her own atmosphere.


"Have you always been like this?" he had asked one day, when they were filming late at the luxurious hotel lobby where Lee Geon stayed at the Republic of Korea.

She lifted her head from her script, "Like what, Sunbae?"

"Like you're the happiest person in the world."

She paused to think.

"Do I look like that?"

He nodded. "Everyday."

"Hem.....Maybe? I don't analyze what I feel. If I look happy, then I usually feel happy. I'm not someone who can look different on the outside and feeling another on the inside."

He smiled. Why was it so easy to smile beside her?

"Good for you."

"I am happy. I guess I am happy most of the time."

He nodded again, "When were you the least happy, then?"

She was surprised. Once more, the confusion returned to her eyes. It was a question that was far too deep, too personal to ask a colleague who had just started working together for a week.

" don't really want to hear it."

"You're wrong. I really do."

She was utterly taken aback at that.

He waited, but she was silent for too long. Then, when he already thought she wouldn't say anything on the matter, she answered.

"Before we started filming. When it was just announced that I was going to be casted with you. And I read comments that I was not good enough to act alongside The Lee Min Ho sunbaenim."

She looked sad then, but she was quick to smile gently to neutralize it.

He wasn't really sure why she was willing to tell him that. It was indeed a really personal question. And he got a much too personal answer in return.

He had known that. His staff informed him about that way before the first script reading. He had hoped that it didn't affect her. He was really sorry that it did.

"That's really unfair" he said quietly, his regret conveyed in his tone.

She shrugged. "Fans of really handsome actors are really picky."

"Just a small part of them, I'm sure. Would it make you feel better if I say that I feel a little hesitant when you accepted the role? I was afraid I wouldn't be able to match your brilliant acting skills."

She froze at that.

Before saying, "It might make me feel better."

That made him repeated, "I was afraid I wouldn't be able to match your brilliant acting skills."

She was rendered speechless.

He knew he should've stopped, should've made it light and breezy between them again, but he couldn't stop.

"I'm really grateful we could work in this drama together, Go Eun-ssi."

She blinked. And he could see her eyes were extra shiny. As if tears would drop at any second.

"Neomu gamsahamnida, Sunbae" she whispered.

They were sitting at a luxurious hotel lobby, at 2 AM, with the filming crew all around them.

And Lee Min Ho decided, that her eyes were the prettiest pairs of eyes he had ever seen on a woman. Hers were even prettier than his mother.

"Lee Min Ho-ssi, Kim Go Eun-ssi, we're ready to start!" one of the director's assistant informed them.

She stood up first, going to her designated chair for the scene.

And he too, walked to his designated spot.


It was really unnecessary.

He shouldn't have done it.

He's going to scare her away.

It was 6 AM, and he was finally in his bedroom, on his bed, ready to sleep.

He badly needed it, before he had to standby again for filming at noon. But he was staring at his phone. Pondering whether he should text her or not.

The drama had its group chat with all the main cast and the main crew as members. It would be so easy to personally text her.

I shouldn't do this, he told himself. It would really be too much.

But his fingers clicked her username and typed anyway.

"You're the best actress in your generation. Thank you so much for being my co-star."

He clicked send before he let himself to ponder longer.

Text sent.

Getting all worked up, he got up to get himself a glass of water, intentionally leaving his phone on his bed.

When he returned, she had replied:

"You're so kind, Sunbae. Thank you for this. In the future, I will boast to my friends that Lee Min Ho Sunbae praised me. Have a good rest and see you later!"

They both knew she was the type who would never boast to others. And the way she twisted this to somehow a really polite conversation between a sunbae and a hoobae was wise.

Too wise.

It bothered him a little bit.

However, his lips were smiling.

He even ended up chuckling.

He drank his water, lied down, put the much-needed alarm on, and drifted to sleep, still with the smile on his face.


Author's Note:

My close friends would've known that this fic, with this pairing, would come out eventually.

I ship them so hard these days.

Two gorgeous, talented human beings meet and work together.

May they have a long-lasting relationship in the future.

Obviously, this is a chaptered fic, so see you soon on the next update.


I got invited by the creator of this website to cross-post my stories here. I happily accepted and hope you could enjoy reading them here as well.

I might post my thoughts related to MinEun and Kdramas that I'm watching here as well, when I could find the time.

Meanwhile, thank you so much for creating a platform to share more about our common interest. See you soon!

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