Romancing Miss Sunshine Chapter 2

Falling Fast

Woo Doo Hwan's staff brought a few boxes of dosirak and put it on a nearby table.

"Is Lee Baewoonim talking to Maxi again?"

He turned to the said actor. Indeed, Lee Min Ho was standing in front of Maxi, reading something out loud from his phone.

"Ne. He's treating her like a real friend."

The staff laughed, then proceeded to take a picture of Min Ho.

"Go ask him to have dinner together."

"He wouldn't."

"Why not? He hasn't eaten yet."

"He's.....he's busy rehearsing his lines."

"Eyyy, come on, go ask him to eat with us."

"Go ask him yourself" Do Hwan replied, opening his dosirak box.


"Tsk. You just want to eat near him, right? You're my staff but you like another actor more."

"You're not him! Can you blame us?"

Do Hwan chuckled at that. He and the staff went way back, they were like a family already. And no, he didn't blame her for going all giddy around the handsome senior.

"Fine, I'll ask him" he finally said.

"Memorizing your lines, Sunbae?" Do Hwan asked politely after reaching Min Ho.

"Hm? Oh, no. It's not my lines."

"No? Then what were you talking about so seriously with Maxi?"

"I was retelling a few things from this to her. Saying it out loud makes me understand it better."

Min Ho showed Do Hwan his phone.

Do Hwan read it, shocked. Min Ho was reading an essay about The Most Significant Digit. A maths essay, to be exact.

"You read all of this, Sunbae?" he asked, wide-eyed. It was 30 pages, and in English.

"Ne. It's my third time reading it. I need to repeat it to really get the meaning."

"Your English must be good" he said in awe.

"Not at all. I only know a little. The rest is thanks to google translate, haha."

"But really, Sunbae. How much maths do you learn for this drama?"

"A bit? My staff helped with searching the articles or the essays. I just have to understand what Lee Geon is saying. He keeps speaking about 1 and 0, Quantum Physics and everything. I want to understand at least the meaning of those things."

"Wah, Sunbae! Wah, you're really the best!"

Min Ho laughed. "Aniya. I just feel, if I speak his lines without understanding them, that would be a lie. And I hate lying, so I study a little about it."

"Sunbae, this is not a little!"

"Uh....yes, well. I am actually like Jung Tae Eul, more of a literature person than a science person. I need to work hard" he replied lightly, patting Maxi. "Were you going to tell me something?"

"Oh. Yes. I was going to ask you to have dinner together."

"Ah. Thank you. I'll have it in a bit."


Do Hwan knew it would be a no. He just tried because his staff wanted him to.

Finally, he walked away with a wave, leaving Min Ho to recite the essay again to Maxi.


Fifteen minutes later, Kim Go Eun finished filming, and sat beside Do Hwan with her staff and Young Ji for dinner. Do Hwan just finished his, and was still chatting with his staff.

"I really like this drink" Go Eun said, as she and Young Ji sipped on the coffee made during their scene.

"Ne, it's really yummy" Young Ji agreed.

The scene that unfolded afterwards were no surprise for Do Hwan. Lee Min Ho appeared with his staff. Another staff appeared from the other side, carrying a stack of dosirak.

"What is this, you didn't make any for me?"

"Mianheyo, Sunbae. We forgot you like this, too" Young Ji grinned, knowing full well the actor was only joking. "Shall I go inside and get one for you?"

"That's ok, let's just have dinner. I was only joking."

"Sunbae, we're saving you from too much sugar. This is not good for you" Go Eun said, pointing to the plastic cup.

"Really? But you're drinking it."

"I still need to grow up, so I'm drinking this."

He laughed. "Why do you still need to grow up?"

"Ever since I work with you, I'm wondering whether I should try to be taller."

He guffawed, making everyone around them smiled.

"You're nice as you are already" he replied nonchalantly, wiping his hand with a hand sanitizer.

"Everytime I look at you when we're standing, I always have to look up so much" Go Eun added, "Like this" she demonstrated, looking upwards, "My neck works so hard."

"I'll bend my knees next time."

"Eyyy, a short Lee baewoonim is not the full package."

He felt shy at that, and only laughed, not answering.

"Jalmokkesseumnida" he said out loud.

Everyone around him who hadn't started eating then followed after him. It's the tradition of starting to eat only after the most senior member of the team had started.

Woo Do Hwan drank his mineral water and made a mental note. Today as well, Min Ho Sunbae only started eating when Go Eun-ssi was also eating.


They just finished filming the scene where they had fried chicken and beer for the first time. Instead of returning or leaving the table, they stayed there, nibbling on the chicken one piece at a time.

The PD gave several boxes of the same menu to the crew as well, and for the moment, they were all lost in snacking on one of South Korea's most favourite.

"I'm starting to wish this is real beer" she said.

He chuckled, as usual. "You'll be drunk."

"Aniyo. I can handle liquor quite well."

"Jeongmal? That's quite impressive."

She smiled and shrugged, reaching for another drumstick.

"How about you, Sunbae? Can you handle liquor?"

"Not really good. Four of the small soju cups" he answered, his fingers shaping the small cups in the air. "If I drink more, I'd be really tipsy."

"'s not like how Sunbae look."

"Mwo?" he sounded shocked, but also on the verge of another guffaw. "What do you mean? How do I look?"

"Ah, I'm sorry. You look like-"

"Like what?"

"Like you can handle liquor really well."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just that! I don't mean anything bad, Sunbae. Mianhamnida."

He pretended to look cold, like he's angry.

"......did I really offend you?"

"I'll forgive you if you stop calling me Sunbae all the time."

Her eyebrows raised, before she laughed, hiding her mouth with her palm.

"How can I? You're my senior!"

"Fine. I'll just have to remember that you think of me as a bad guy."

"Ah, Sunbae. Don't be angry, please?" she formed a begging pose with her hands, "Please, Sunbae, please?"

She was giving him her best puppy-eyes look.

He managed to maintain his stern expression in 1....2.....3.....seconds before dissolving to another peal of laughter.

"Cham! Who would ever be able to stay mad at you?"

She grinned, pushing a full plate of fried chicken towards him.


They filmed in a park to get the full feel of autumn. It was a scene where time stopped for Lee Geon, and he stared at Jung Tae Eul tying her hair.

Min Ho felt like taking her picture, really. He wished he could, though it's impossible during filming.

It was such an easy scene to film, despite the thunderous pace of his heart.

Was this mixed feelings of my on-screen character and I? Or she's just really that beautiful?

They have built a sense of friendship during filming. She was always keen to discuss and rehearse before the scenes started, and he enjoyed all those discussions. He found it easier to express himself after their meticulous discussions.

It's a pleasure to work with someone so dedicated.

Once the time-stop scene ended, Go Eun said her hand felt stiff. He comforted her and they walked together to watch the scene in the mini-screen of the PD-nim.

They were satisfied with the last take.

"Omo, Sunbae looks like a painting here!" she exclaimed easily. Not in a flirty way, no, far from that. It's similar to a child saying there was a candy shop at the end of the road.

"Look, the background

and you fits marvellously!" she praised sincerely, honestly in awe. "When this is edited, it will look even better."

"Aniya, you're the beautiful one."

The statement slipped out from his mouth so easily. He couldn't backtrack even if he wanted to.

She went motionless beside him.

They were standing close to each other, watching the scene from the mini-screen. He had shared his headset with her.

She had turned to him, and stared at him, unblinking.

"........Lee Geon-nim?" she called, because calling his character's name would make everything alright. It was Lee Geon speaking, she asked silently. Right?

"Aniya. Lee Min Ho" he replied.

She looked shocked.

Yet her wit picked up pace quickly.

"A-ah. So this is how you treat your female leads? Aigoo, Sunbae. How flattering!"

The clip had ended, so he pulled the cable. The earpiece fell from her ear.

He unplugged the headset and gave the mini screen to a crew nearby.

He walked back to her side, considering to apologize for shocking her. But whatever she saw in his eyes made her looked away, and nervously pulling her hair behind her ear.

"Just you" he added silently, his heart winning against his mind.

She turned to him again, double shocked, licking her lips in confusion.

And his eyes automatically went to stare at those lips.

She blinked and opened her mouth to say something.

He would have kissed her if there was no one around.

So, before he truly lost his mind, he walked away.

"What's wrong? Did he scold you?" her staff asked, concerned. She looked like she had lost her soul.

She shook her head to answer the question. "Can I get some water, please?"

The staff quickly got one bottle from her backpack and opened it for her.

Go Eun drank half of it in one go, walking to the direction of the parking lot.

"Wae? Are you feeling hot?" the staff asked again, since her cheeks were red and she was holding each one with her palm in turn. "Maybe the cardigan is too thick for you."

"I'm fine" she assured. "I'm just-a little tired."

Meanwhile, Min Ho was already sitting in his van, his staff giving him a cup of coffee.

He shut his eyes.

Damn, where's all my self-control gone to?

He shouldn't have scared her like that.

He really shouldn't. What if she started avoiding him personally, then what would he do?

Then again, a shocked Kim Go Eun looked ten times more beautiful.

He chuckled to himself.

I'm going crazy. And this is after only one month of filming.

"What is it?" his staff asked, handing him the newly printed script.

"Nothing. I'm just slowly getting crazier."

"You mean, more than usual?"

"Ne. Watch out."

"Thank you for the warning. I will be prepared" the staff replied in mock politeness.

She and the other staff had been with him for years, and she knew he could be completely silly.

Min Ho only laughed at that and sipped his coffee.

She's so going to pretend nothing happened next time we meet again, right? Of course she will.

He chuckled again.

"Is this it? Are you starting now?"

Min Ho only turned to her, and laughed harder. At himself, and the crazy pull he's feeling because of this one fair actress.

"Ok. You're hungry. I'm getting the food. Hold on" his stylist announced, leaving the car.

I'm really turning insane. For her.


Author's Note:

I'm turning crazy for them too omg.

Hope you enjoy this miraculously fast update.

See you soon!

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