Romancing Miss Sunshine Chapter 4

Crossing Bridges

The next time they met again, she was extra shy. When they spoke together, she barely could look at him in the eyes.

He liked a lot of sides of her. But a shy Kim Go Eun gotta be the most adorable. He's swept by the wish to kiss her again, and swallowed it down with coffee.

In this state of situation, they filmed the scene at the stable, where Tae Eul pointed a gun out of frustration that there were actually parallel universes, with Woo Do Hwan as the loyal Yeong. He had to admit, as the two rehearsed their scene and he stood there watching, he felt so jealous to Do Hwan. He really hated it when she gave those smiles and laughter to other people, regardless how friendly the two were. He had the wish to hit Do Hwan with the whip he kept holding, but of course, he held it in.

He and Go Eun always held a discussion before filming their scene.

It's rare that he wore something casual for the drama. For the scene at the basketball field, he wore a hoodie.

"Oh, you look like a college senior!" Go Eun commented, her face bright and her eyes shining.

"Someone you might fall for?" he replied boldly.

She was caught off guard, and responded with a giddy laugh.

"Can you be my bodyguard?" he asked, because she looked really cute wearing the black bodyguard suit with her hair in a braid.

"Then what would happen to your current bodyguards?"

"I can ask one of them to work with Do Hwan."

She laughed and hit him playfully on the shoulder at that, and they resumed the filming afterwards.


Another thing he had discovered that could help his cause was her love for handwritten letters. Through random browsing, he found out that she once said handwritten letters meant more, so she liked to give her fans handwritten notes in her fanmeeting.

He also gave up trying to fight this battle silently. He asked the staff who was the closest to him to befriend the staff who was closest to Go Eun, and found out what she liked.

From then on, he supplied her coffee and tea, with a note he wrote on a post-it, daily.

"Today too, I hope you'll be happy."

"Jung Tae Eul, fighting!"

"When you smile, I really feel the world has turned to a happier place."

Those were the things he wrote on his notes.

It was cheesy, but sincere. He had never done anything of the kind before, yet he didn't feel embarrassed. He'd do whatever it took to melt her heart.

And because he's always looking at her, he could tell that he's slowly making a difference. Her wall was starting to crumble brick by brick.

She still maintained her friendliness.

However, she spoke gentler, her smiles and laughter turned more shy, and her eyes seemed to shine a lot more brighter.


He had made it his habit to knock on her van and sat inside with her. His alibi, in case anyone dared to ask, was that it's easier to rehearse and memorize in a closed, private space.

She was surprised at first, but then acted like it was no big deal.

They proceeded to rehearse their lines, until suddenly Go Eun asked him, "Sunbae, what are you doing, really?"

He was speechless at that moment, and stopped saying his lines.

Silently, he took a good look at her.

Are we having that conversation now?

"Isn't it obvious what I'm doing?"

She looked really serious and determined, although she must've been under an emotional turmoil as well, since her voice became really soft, and she's nearly whispering, although they were alone in the van.

"Sunbae, I might misunderstand if you keep-this up."

"You won't misunderstand. I intend to make it clear to you."

"To make what clear, Sunbae? I don't want to be the fool who thinks too much."

"You don't want to be the what???" he asked back, aghast. "I want to be with you. There. Clear enough?"

Her eyebrows were raised. Before she burst out laughing. But seeing his serious expression, the laughter died down unnaturally.

"'re getting carried away, Sunbae. It's Lee Gon's feelings."

"Don't tell me what I feel. I'm the one who know myself best."

"You barely know me, Sunbae. We've known each other for only two months!"

"That's enough to make me fall for you."

Her mouth hung open in a shock and he wished he could just kiss her hard right then.

"When this filming ends, you'll realize that everything you feel was just an effect of this drama. And I won't-"

"You won't humiliate me by mocking me of something that was untrue?"

She didn't answer. But he already grasped her meaning.

"What I feel for you is real. I'd marry you after the drama ends if you'd let me."

She flinched.

"Don't speak words that you don't mean, Sunbae, please."

He laughed bitterly at that.

"You don't believe me."

He sighed in annoyance.

"You'll see. The more time we spend, the more you'll see that I'm not playing around. I never play around, Eunni."

"I never said I thought that you were, Sunbae."

"Then why are you being like this? Why do you keep reminding me that I'm just a friend for you?"

She didn't say anything to that.

"Has it always worked? Friend-zoning your co-stars?"

She still said nothing, but her expression told him everything.

"It won't work on me" he said gently, yet with determination.

He, in turn, was also silent, thinking hard.

"Are you seeing anyone? Is it why-"

"No" she cut him, "I'm not seeing anyone."

"Then there's no reason for you to do this."

"You know why I'm like this, Sunbae."

"I wish I could read your mind, but I swear I don't know what you're thinking at the moment."

They stared at each other for a while. He's trying to find the answer, she's hoping he'd get it without she having to say it.

"Tell me" he demanded, "Before I go crazy."

"The heartbreak would be too painful for me."

He felt his heart dropped to his feet.

"I'll never-I'm not someone who mindlessly dump girls, Kim Go Eun-ssi" he emphasized, obviously angry.

"You're you" she said helplessly, as if that one sentence would explain everything.

He wanted to scream, but he took a deep breath, and tried to use his brain. If this was a first step, the way he responded to this would decide the course of his life. So he willed himself to be patient.

"What should I do to make you see that I'm sincere?"

" a good friend for me, Sunbae."


"No, I mean it. If-if you really want us to be-something more than friends, first, we must be friends first. A good one. Let's get to know each other better."

He stared at her for a second, shutting his eyes and drawing a deep breath.

"Fine. If that's what you want, I can do that. I'll be your best friend. A best friend that wants to be more for you."

She smiled weakly at that.

"I'll wait until the filming is over. Ok?"

She nodded.

He bent to kiss her cheek, then went out of her van.


On her next day off, Go Eun visited her sister in-law. She played with her niece and nephew for half a day, until the time they had to take their nap.

Once her sister finished tucking the babies to bed, she sat beside Go Eun. First, she heated the street food Go Eun brought, bringing everything to the sitting room, then finally opening two cans of beer, giving one to her sister.

"So, what's going on? There must be something wrong when you bring beer and street food to my place. Come on, we don't have forever. The babies could wake up anytime from their nap. Spill."

Go Eun had to drink half a can of her beer first.

Her sister knew that silence worked best when Go Eun was like this. She had to wait patiently before Go Eun was ready to pour her heart.

"He said he liked me."

Her sister's chopsticks stopped midair.



"Him, who, paboo? I don't know all your friends!"

"Kim Tan."

Her sister successfully choked on a tteokpokki.

They used to go crazy over The Heirs and Kim Tan together.


"Ssshhhh! Unnie, you'll wake your kids!"

"Who cares?" her unnie asked back,

though she kept her voice down. "What is this I'm hearing? Lee Min Ho? The Lee Min Ho says he likes you???"

Go Eun nodded.

"Omo omo omo! Yahhhhh, Go Eun-ah. You grow up so well, omo, omo!"

"Are you that excited?" she asked, half-smiling, half-scared.



"Sshhhhhh" her unnie agreed. "Are you serious? He told you that?"

Go Eun nodded.


"He...just told me that."


"In the car."

"Whose car?"

"My van."



Her Unnie took a newspaper and fanned herself.

"What else? I want the details!"

"He's.......he's been nice. And really sweet........"

"Sweet? Like what?"

"He brings me drinks and writes things on post-its......"

Her unnie gaped.


"And.....he sent me this."

Go Eun played the audio file Min Ho sent her, the poem he recorded with his voice


Her unnie hit the couch several times when she heard it.

"He sounds so sexy!"

Go Eun laughed.

"It is that amazing, right?"


"Unnie, sshhhhhhhhh!"

"But what's the problem? What's worrying you?"

"...........I don't know what to do."

Her unnie only stared at her, muted.

"Eun-ah. Please don't tell me you ask to be just friends with him."

"I did."

"What. An. Idiot."


"And then what, has he given up?"

"He said he'd wait until the filming is over."

"Thank God."

"I don't know what to do."

Her unnie frowned. "Wae? Is he a jerk in real life?"

"Oh, no, no! He's a great guy. He's really nice. The guy that says "thank you" and "you've worked hard" to everybody. He also works harder than everybody else."

"Then what's the problem? Although I can't date Lee Min Ho, my sister can!"

"..........unnie. I'm serious."

"Which part of me that is not serious right now?"

"How can I be with him?"

"Why not?"

"I mean.......he's him."

"So? You're my beautiful sister, Actress Kim Go Eun, who has won many awards and the brand ambassador for Chanel. What's wrong with you?"

Go Eun just laughed at that.

"It's like.....being with him will public. Some of his fans will hate me."

"That has never stopped you from reaching your dreams before."

Go Eun went silent.

"What will become of me if it doesn't work out?"

"Why? Do you like Kim Tan that much now?"

"Unnie. The real Lee Min Ho is so much better than Kim Tan."

"Then what are you waiting for? Just go get him!!!"

"It's not that easy."

"Why is it not that easy? You're a girl, he's a guy. You like each other. You have the same profession. You work together. What could be easier?"

"Really, when you're feeling positive, there's nothing that could dissuade you."

"Usually you're like that too, Eun-ah. People used to say we were like twins, although I'm only your sister in-law."

"...........what if it ends up as the worst heartbreak of my life?"

"What if he's the one for you?"

Go Eun laughed at that, her tone disbelieving.

"It's about you and him. Not the whole world. Feel what you feel. Open your heart. Maybe you're his Eunsang and he's your Kim Tan."

Go Eun drank her beer.

"You know, I think if it's him, I'll never say "he's not good enough for you" like how I spoke about your exes."