Romancing Miss Sunshine Chapter 5

The World Revolves Around You

For Lee Min Ho, his January felt like spring. He loved the drama he's filming, and his main female lead filled his mind night and day. Except when he's filming a scene that was not related to her, Miss Kim Go Eun filled his mind from the moment he woke up, to the moment he fell asleep at night.

He had no intention to fight the feelings waving through him daily. Her presence had turned to the definition of happiness for him.

Their friendship quickly grew to a deeper level. They could sit and eat together. They rehearsed their scenes together. They shared about each other's lives and got to know each other better.

They could talk for a long time together about the differences between their country's entertainment industry and other countries. But they could also sit side by side and be silent, playing mobile games in their respective phones.

It was still winter, but for him, it felt like spring already.

One evening, he walked to her dressing room after being informed that she's ready, only to find her humming to Akdong Musician's latest song. Her staff was still there, so he comfortably sat beside her.

"Don't stop when you see me" he gently scolded her.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Sunbae" she greeted him with her usual smile. Despite the time, it's the first occasion they met that day.

"Sing it again, I'd like to hear it."

She laughed. It sounded like ringing bells in his ears. A day wouldn't be complete without hearing it.

"It's hard to do it when you ask for it like that."

"Then what should I do, pretend I'm not listening?"

"Ne. It might help."

"Really? If I pretend I'm not listening, will you sing the whole chorus?"

"I think I can do that."

"Fine. I'll play my game" he announced, taking out his phone from his pocket.

He looked so focused that Go Eun felt confident enough to resume singing "How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You're The One I Love."

Her voice was beautiful. It's soft and pretty. It filled him to the very soul.

They didn't realize that her staff had left the dressing room to give them some privacy.

He had stopped pretending he was playing his game, he messed up so bad and had to exit the game.

He locked eyes with hers, and she ended the chorus that way.

She was looking straight into his eyes. Usually, they would laugh in ten seconds. That day though, because he didn't laugh, she also didn't.

She was the one who looked away first, blushing.

"Do you enjoy it?" he asked quietly, knowing they were alone and no one was listening. "Making me this affected?"

She was already standing up, going to open the dressing room door and walked out. They were expected to standby in five minutes.

She turned around.

He was still sitting where he was, and they exchanged a look through the mirror.

"Me? Affecting you? I thought it's the other way around."

For a second, Min Ho was taken aback.

When she left, he smiled giddily.

Thank you, Eunni. That was practically a confession.


"How did you do it? Crying so sad like that?" he asked over the phone.

He had made it a habit to call her before bed.

They filmed the scene where Lee Geon returned from Corea after the confrontation with Japan. Tae Eul cried and rushed to hug him.

"Hem.........I can't really explain it. I just try to really become the character I play, so I can feel her feelings."

"It was really good tonight. My heart hurts seeing you cry."

She could hear her chuckling. "Should I say thank you or I'm sorry, Sunbae?"

"You can tell me you'll always be happy, and that you'll never cry again in real life."

She laughed then.

"It's impossible, Sunbae. One can't always be happy, and no one can never cry, although she doesn't want to."

"That's true.......but.......I wish you'll only be broken on screen, not off screen. I can't bear to think of you crying in real life."

"Sunbae, crying is a part of life."

"I know, but please laugh more than crying, Eunni."

"I'll do my best, Sunbae."

He glanced at the digital clock beside his bed. It was 2 AM. Somehow, for them, 2 AM was a normal downtime. Filming had always been like that.

"I'd like to know when was the last time you cried. When was the last time you got your heart broken."

"I can't say it without alcohol, Sunbae."

He laughed.

"Please tell me one day."


"Ahrasseo. Rest well, see you tomorrow."


The next day, Min Ho and Go Eun finished filming exactly when Do Hwan and Young Ji finished their lunch.

"What are you guys eating? It's not from the catering?"

TKEM production crew provided them with catering meals three times a day. Go Eun had seen her staff's lunch menu, and there was definitely no budae jjigae.

"Do Hwannie ordered these" Young Ji informed. "This is for you, Unnie. You love spicy food."

"I want one as well" Min Ho announced.

There were two of his female staff standing behind him, and they both frowned in surprise, exchanging a glance with each other.

"Saranghae, Young Ji-ah" Go Eun exclaimed, kissing her friend's cheek. They were close, since they were from the same agency.

Nobody noticed except his staff, the way he froze when KGE said that word.

"Lee Baewoonim, shall we order budae jjigae, for you?" one of them asked him.

"Huh? Oh, aniya, it's alright. I'll just have the catering meal."

"Oh, Sunbae, do you want this?" Go Eun asked, after uncovering the plastic wrap of the bowl.

"It's alright, you can have it."

"But you want it! Tell you what, let's do rock, paper, scissors."

He burst out laughing, yet he humoured her and played with her. And he won.

She sulked, though.

"Ok, I won, give it to me" he declared, pulling the bowl from in front of her.

She sulked even further.

He kept the bowl for a few seconds, until she said, "I'm going to get the catering meal."

He caught her hand, "I'm just joking. Have this. Young Ji saved it for you."

"But you won the rock, paper, scissors."

"I won, so I can do whatever I want. Just have this. You're sulking like an angry child already."

She considered which one was better, being polite or eating what she liked.

In the end, the food won.

"Ok, Sunbae, gamsahamnida" she beamed, sitting back down and starting to sip the soup with a spoon.

His staff returned, carrying three sets of meals.

"Can you give her one bowl of rice?" he asked to them.

Surprised once more, his staff put one bowl of rice in front of Go Eun.

"How about you, then?" Go Eun asked the staff.

"Oh, one set is an extra for Lee Baewoonim. The other one is for her" she said, pointing at her friend. "I'm full from the snacks given by Lee Baewoonim's fans."

"I'll have the rice, then. Gamsahamnida" Go Eun smiled at the staff.

The staff blinked, then smiled widely at her, as if she was starstruck.

It's normal for the staff to see Lee Min Ho smiling and thanking her. It's rare to receive it from another actress.

Do Hwan and Young Ji were still there, watching the whole exchange.

The jjigae was still warm and spicy, just like how Go Eun liked it.

"Ah, this is daebak! I feel refreshed!"

"How spicy is it?"

"The right level of spicy. My kind of spicy. Would you like to try it?"

He dipped his spoon into the bowl and tried it.

"This is really good!"

"Right? Let's just eat it together."

"Ahrasseo. Have this as well" Min Ho said, pushing his extra set of meal for her.

Beside them, Do Hwan texted Young Ji.

"Are they really together?"

Young Ji replied, "Unnie said nothing to me."

"They look like they are."

"I think so too."

The couple was oblivious that people were looking at them.

His two staffs were eating beside them, one eating the meal and one playing with her phone.

Well, they knew that he's pursuing her. They're just wondering why he's being so obvious.

Privately, one of the staff texted her friend.

"Has she said yes?"

"I don't know. Maybe?"

They have become the secret topic of everybody on set.

Are they, aren't they? Not that the two of them realized the gossip.

"I need to know where you bought this"

Go Eun said to Do Hwan.

"Me too. Please text me the place. This is so good" Min Ho raved.


It's clear that he's starting to see Jung Tae Eul and Kim Go Eun as one person when he couldn't even say a single word when they filmed the scene where Jung Tae Eul said "saranghae" first to Lee Geon.

He had memorized his lines perfectly, but when she said "saranghae", his brain stopped functioning for a good ten seconds, until Go Eun questioned whether she had done an NG.

He had no time to worry about what the whole production crew were thinking of his behaviour. He had to pour all his energy to live through the filming that day, without asking her to say the same term, but to Lee Min Ho this time, and not Lee Geon.


Go Eun just finished washing her face before bed that evening when she checked her phone. It's 2 AM. It's his usual time to call or text her.

That night was texting, apparently.

She read it, then smiled.

She then turned to her mirror and caught herself smiling giddily.

She then laughed at herself before climbing her bed.

Min Ho's text was, "I wish you'll never say "saranghae" to another guy ever again."

How do you reply to such a cheesy text?

Go Eun stared at her ceiling, but only silence answered her.

"We'll see" she texted back, sending a merong emoji with it.

She took a deep breath and puffed her pillow, but her phone then vibrated.

Lee Min Ho Sunbae video call.

She stared at the screen until the notification "call was unanswered" came up.

But he video called again.

Finally, she swiped her screen to receive it.


"Yeobeseyo" a smiling Lee Min Ho answered.

He was wearing a t-shirt, and his hair was wet, obviously after a shower.

"What is it?"

"Nothing important, actually" he confessed. I miss you already, was what he wanted to say.

"Then let's just go to bed" she said.


"Go to bed, Sunbae. Like, let's sleep. Wait, why are you blushing?"

"Am I?"


"I shouldn't call you at this hour, I know that. It's dangerous to call anyone after midnight."

"Jjinja? Why is that?"

"My defences are the lowest after midnight."

She burst out laughing.

"We need to film at 8 AM, Sunbae. We must rest now."

"I know."

"Then see you tomorrow?"


"Then I'll just hang up."


He waited, but she only looked at the screen, at him, without hanging up.

"You said you want to hang up" he teased.

"I can't" she smiled. "It's too rude."

"Ah. Then I'll hang up first. But before that......"

"Before that?"

"Tell me something I don't know about you."

She's surprised, then laughed at that.

"Something you don't know about me........."

"Ne. Or I'll never hang up."

"You'll hear me snore, then."

"What, do you snore?"

"Not really, actually."


"Ok. Something you don't know about me?"


"I like high places."

"Oh, jeongmal?"

"Yes. I like bungee jumping. It's like you throw all your worries away when you jump."

"...........that's really interesting."

"I've answered. Please hang up, Sunbae."

"You don't want to know one more thing about me?"

"I'll listen if you'd tell me."