Romancing Miss Sunshine Chapter 8

Something Just Like This

As the weeks passed, Go Eun treated Min Ho as her main best friend, since she couldn't spend time with her friends outside the filming.

She liked to throw him random questions, and Min Ho always enjoyed their conversations.

"What are you most grateful for?" she asked one day, when they were sitting on the set, having finished memorizing their script.

".........being healthy. This covid-19 pandemic makes me remember that being healthy is a huge blessing."

"That's so true. Being healthy is the most important. We can do nothing if we are unwell. What else?"

"My family and friends. My family is my strength. And I don't have that many friends, but they have stayed with me for a long time."

She nodded, "My family and friends are really important for me as well. What else?"

"......that I could do what I like. Acting again. In a drama with an awesome story. I consider myself really lucky. Surprisingly, 2020 is not like a lot of people picture. We were all really excited, remember? The start of a new decade. Then this pandemic happens, people are suffering....."

"I know you've sent a huge donation."

"And I know you did the same, but with less publicity" he smiled. "I didn't mean to make a fuss, but people found out. While you, I think people need to talk about you more."

"Kindness and noise don't have to go hand in hand."

"Omo. Cheonsaeyo? (Are you an angel?)"

She laughed at that.

"We are really lucky, don't you think? There's a lot happening right now, and we could be here, doing what we love."

"We are blessed" she smiled, "That's what I like to think."

"Of course. I am blessed to play in this drama with you. I can see you nearly everyday. That's what you're waiting to hear, right?"

"What? No, it isn't! I was really asking you!"

"What's with the "what else, what else"? You want me to mention you, I know it."

"Aniyaaaaa! I really wanted to hear your answer!"

"I'm grateful because I'm here with you. There. Happy?"

"That's not what I mean!"

"But that's what I mean" he grinned.

"Ah, mwolla! I hate you! Bye!"


"What's your favourite thing to do on a day off?"

It was after lunch on the set, and they were both exhausted. Still, despite taking a nap, they both found solace in talking with each other.

"Sleep. Sleep is the best thing any of us could have at this moment."

"I know, right? I'm sure once this is all over, I'd just lock myself up in my place and sleep for a week" she sighed, "I miss my bed at my apartment."

"I'm going to sleep longer than being awake" Min Ho stated.

"It's gonna be heaven" Go Eun agreed, seriously nodding. "What else do you like to do beside sleeping?"

"Eating. Lots of meat, jjigae and rice."

"It's awesome to not worry whether you'll look bloated in the camera or not, right?"

"Absolutely" Min Ho affirmed.

They were both quiet then. Before Go Eun fell asleep, though, he warned, "Your hibernation after the filming is over, don't do it without me."

She turned to him.

"You can sleep all you want, but meet me everyday to have meat, jjigae and rice."

"........we'll see" she said, looking the other way to hide her smile.


Lee Min Ho liked to prank those who were important for him, and he did that to Go Eun as well. One late night, the Lee Min Ho craved for pizza, so he ordered boxes and boxes of pizza for himself, the other cast and the crew.

Go Eun was still filming when Min Ho had the pizza with Do Hwan and a half of the crew.

Thirty minutes later, Go Eun ran to the biggest room at the palace's setting, breathless and eager.

But she saw only empty pizza boxes, and not even a slice of pizza left.

"Did you eat everything?" she asked, looking terribly disappointed.

She looked at Min Ho and Do Hwan with what looked quite close to hatred in her eyes, and Min Ho's staff as well.

All the crew looked guilty.

"Mianhe. You were just too long, and we were starving, so...." Min Ho trailed off.

Go Eun stood silently there. Call her childish, but she was really looking forward to have the pizza. It's been ages since she had some. Usually the catering food was Korean food. She really felt like crying there and then. She ran there hopeful to have some and then......

Her staff then appeared from another room.

"Lee baewoonim hid a dozen boxes for us at the other room" one of them said.

Go Eun glared at Min Ho, who was sitting on a couch with Do Hwan, before she ran to the room next door.

Do Hwan and Min Ho looked at each other.

"Oh, oh" he exclaimed.

He then got up and rushed to the room Go Eun ran to.

She was sniffling, standing in front of the table of six boxes of pizza.

"Aigoo, I made you cry."

Seeing him, she turned around, giving him her back.

"I'm a bad guy. It's all my fault. I was just joking. I'm sorry."

She avoided to look at him, too embarrassed to cry just because of some freaking pizza.

"I'm sorry. You can hit me all you want" he said, reaching for her face.

Go Eun pushed him away.

"I hate you!"

"Mianhe. I was only joking."

"I ran here so fast because I want it so badly!" she said, hitting his chest.

"Mianhe. I'm really a bad guy. You can hate me for a day."

"I thought there's really nothing left" she added in frustration, hitting him more, her eyes were wet and red with real tears.

Min Ho laughed, "Cham, you really cry easily."

"I hate you!"

"Giyopta (so cute)."

"Let me go."


"Let me go this instant, you evil guy!"


"Let me go, or I'll stomp on your feet."

"Stop being cute, or I'll kiss you."

"You're the one throwing a prank, why do you want to kiss me as well???"

"Because you're so cute. And I'm really sorry. I'll never joke about food with you again."

She pushed his hands away and sat down, opened a pizza box and began eating one slice.


"Don't talk to me. I hate you."

She finished the slice and opened another box, finding a different flavour.

Min Ho grabbed a bottle of mineral water and opened it, giving it to her.

She gulped a few sips, then finished her second slice.

Min Ho opened the third box.

She immediately reached for a slice after she finished her second one. Once she's done with her third slice, she said, "These are all my favourite flavours. How did you know?"

"I asked your staff."

"............I'm sorry for being mad."

"I still gave you a prank."

"You did."

"And I'm sorry. I should've known a hungry Kim Go Eun is lethal."

She shoved his shoulder at that.

"Am I forgiven?"

She stared at him, then broke to a giggle, "Ne. Thank you for feeding me."

"If you're grateful, you should show it."

"Oh, really? How?"

"You should kiss me again."

"I can't. I'd taste like pizza."

"I don't mind."

He's looking at her that way again, the way that made her heart flipped and danced.

"We're at a filming location. Anyone could enter in a second."

"Does it mean you'd kiss me if we're somewhere private?"

She blinked.

He knew how to use that seducing voice of his to melt her, as his eyes went down to her lips.

"You owe me a kiss, Eunni."

With that, he got up and left the room.

Her staffs were all waiting for them to finish whatever they were doing.

When Lee Min Ho appeared, they dared to peek inside the room.

Their Kim Go Eun was blushing profusely, laughing on her own.

Whatever happened, she seemed entertained.


With each prank came the retaliation. Go Eun's revenge was launched exactly the next day, the day they filmed the sunset scene.

Min Ho liked the script so much, and had waited to film the scene.

However, when he arrived at the location, he was surprised because she wasn't there. In vain he looked around for her white car. She wasn't reading her script anywhere visible, she wasn't chatting with the director, and he couldn't see any of her staffs around.

He tried to call her, but it was unanswered.

Unwilling to spend another minute in confusion, he marched to the director.

"Where's Go Eun? It's strange for her not to be on location an hour before filming starts."

The director stared at him, bewildered.

"What? Do you mean you don't know?"

"......of what?" he asked back, dreading the answer.

"Go Eun-ssi is at the hospital. It's her ulcer problem again. We have to cancel filming this scene, and we'll just shoot your individual scenes."

"She's at the hospital? Which hospital?"

The director mentioned a well-known private hospital at the centre of Seoul.

"PD-nim, I have to see her. I'll be back after I know her condition."

Without hearing the director's answer, Min Ho quickly returned to his van, telling his staffs he'd go to the said private hospital.

"But the filming? You can't just leave-"

He looked really pale and frantic.

"Eunni is sick. I have to see her. I already told the PD-nim. Please go to the next filming location. I'll meet you all there."

Shortly after that, his van sped away to the direction of Seoul.

He tried to call her again. It's still unanswered.

He called one of his staffs, and asked her to call all of Go Eun's staffs and inform him once they heard anything.

He realized his hands were sweaty and cold.

What happened? She was alright last night.

How bad is her condition?

He spent ten full minutes in absolute misery, praying that her condition was better than his fears, when someone called him.

It was Go Eun.


"Are you alright? Wait, I'm on my way there."

"I'm not there."


"I'm not at that hospital."

"You're released already? Where are you now? What did the doctor say?"

To his surprise, she mentioned a mall near the filming location.

"I'll be there. Please wait for me."

Min Ho told his driver to head to the new destination. Go Eun said her car was parked at the basement near a specific cafe.

It's easy to find her car thanks to her direction.

Once they spotted the white car, Min Ho stepped out of his car.

He knocked the window of her car.

The door was unlocked, and he entered.

He fully expected to see a pale Go Eun, in pain. Instead, she was sitting there serenely. Smiling, although looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Are you alright? Is it ulcer problem? What happened? You were alright when I called you last night."

Go Eun was quiet.

"What did the doctor say?"

"I'm sorry. I lied."

"What? What do you mean? How bad is it?"

"It's nothing."

"...............what do you mean, nothing?"

"I'm fine."

"..............Eunni. Just tell me. I can handle it. What happened?"

"I lied. I'm not sick. This is just a prank. You know, a payback for your pizza prank last night."

Min Ho looked blank for a few seconds.

"But the PD-nim said-"

"I asked him to cooperate."

He was silent for a few seconds, just trying to breathe.

"Are you really alright?"

"I am. I'm sorry? I didn't know you'd be this worried......."

"Whoah. Yah, Kim Go Eun! There's a limit to pranks!"

"Mianheyo" she tried to smile, although she started to feel a little afraid. It looked like he's mad.

"Yah, I thought-I thought you were really sick! I was out of my mind!"

"You pranked me last night as well......"

"It's about pizza, Eunni! And you told me you're sick at a hospital!"

"I - you're overreacting, calm down!"

"How can I calm down??? I thought you're ill!"

"I'm really sorry. I'm sorry, ok? I didn't know you'd be this affected."