"Are you sure he's okay with keeping your relationship a secret?" Yong Ji sipped the last drop of her cold coffee while ogling me suspiciously.

"Yeah, I guess soโ€ฆ" I murmured, hesitating, and muddled.

I avoided Demi's playful gaze and sighed loudly. I know what's going on in her mind. She thinks I'm unfair to Minho for wanting to deny the dating rumors. It's been a couple of months since we've become official, but only our friends and family know.

There's nothing wrong with that, right?

"You know, you should at least assure him of your feelings. He might think you're afraid of people finding out about both you because you're still unsure of him." She raised her brows at me.

"That's impossible. Why would I agree to be his girlfriend if I'm not sure of him?" That's ridiculous. I know Minho knows where my heart lies. And he knows it's with him.

"You never know, Gon. People can be in a relationship and still be uncertain. Besides, a relationship has its responsibilities. One of them is making sure that your partner knows about your true feelings." Yong Ji shrugged.

"Wow. I shouldn't have invited you to grab coffee with me if I had known I was signing up for a therapy session." I tried to mock, but she just shook her head.

"Oh, please, we both know you only invited me because of your dilemma." She smirked.

"No. That's not true," Yeah, Yong Ji's right, but I'm not going to tell her that and give her the chance to clown me.

Minho never once pressured me about going out in public. He may have been obvious at times, but he made sure I wasn't hurt. He kept asking me if I was okay with any of it, and when I say no, he never tried to insist further. He was always careful about me and our relationship.

But lately, I have been feeling guilty for hiding him. I don't know if it's because of the comments I've read online or because sometimes, I can see the disappointment in his eyes every time I refuse to spend time with him.

It's been a couple of weeks since we last saw each other, and just last week, he offered to pick me up from my Mind Bridge photoshoot, but I told him it's better not to. I had a feeling he quite wanted to insist because he knows Hae-in is with me.

"I guess this is my cue to leave already." Demi swiftly stood up when he saw Minho enter the coffee bar.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" I nodded at her and kissed her cheek goodbye. On her way out, she whispered something to Minho and then winked at me. Minho laughed and patted Yong Ji's back.

Unbelievable. What kind of hideous thing did she say to Minho this time?

"Hi." He greeted me with a soft kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes instinctively to feel its tenderness.

"How are you?" He smiled at me, eager to know how I was doing during the days we were apart, even though we texted and face timed each other all the time.

"I'm good. How about you? I just found out you already accepted LV's invitation for tomorrow?" I remember laughing so hard when he asked for my permission if it would be okay if I teach him Mandarin by the time he can attend the virtual event.

"I did, and I think noona was furious for the sudden change of my schedules. You know how she hates when that happens." We both laughed at how true his statement was. Yun-jeong unnie is, in fact, scary when she's furious with him.

Suddenly, we heard a couple camera clicks and flashes at a distance. Minho and I quickly turned our heads over to the side and saw many servers panicking over the counter.

I looked at Minho, who's looking at me troubled. He tilted his head to the side and stared at me for a moment, and I just looked at him in confusion.

Minutes later, he signaled at someone, then a guy in a suit came over. He was scratching his head, looking sorry and regretful.

"Ma'am, Sir. We're so sorry for the inconvenience, it was our intern who took a photo of you, but we already made him delete it." Something in the way he spoke tells me that he might be the manager of this place.

I was about to tell him that it's okay when Minho took his wallet and was about to flaunt some cash. I anxiously held his hand down to keep him from doing whatever he's planning and faced the manager.

"It's okay. Just tell everyone to keep this as a secret, and then we're good." I said to the guy with enthusiasm.

"Thank you, Ma'am. You can trust that we will keep quiet." He finally relaxed and turned his back on us. I even heard him sigh a couple of times heavily while walking out.

"Why would you let them get away?" Minho sounded mixed up. He must be startled that I didn't turn beast mode. Usually, when things like this happen, I always snap at him.

Then, I realized that I'm just unreasonable and petty. Yong Ji was right; I am already hurting him.

"Just let them be. Based on the way you glared at them earlier, I'm sure they already understood what will happen if they talk. Besides, Yong Ji already threatened them that if anyone asks, all they should do is utter the word- secret," I giggled to ease the atmosphere.

Minho's eyes were now soft. They looked relieved but careful. Seeing his reaction warmed my heart. I am slowly becoming emotional when I understood that I must've been hard at him all this time. I wonder how he felt when I was purposely avoiding him while we were still on set?

"Can we leave now? I'd like to go home early so I can cook dinner for us." I stood up, and he did the same while I grabbed my bag.

"I thought you're going to your father's house after this?" His voice was calculating.

Right. I forgot I told him yesterday that I can't see him for more than an hour because I'm seeing my Dad. So much for being a nice girlfriend, huh?

"Maybe tomorrow night after your Louis Vuitton event, you wanna come with me?" My chest hurt when he shook his head. I hate myself for only asking him now.

"You should really stop asking Yong Ji for relationship advice," He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me close to him, so I can hear his whispers against my ear.

"Whatever she told you about my feelings, those were not true. You know I can wait for you, right?" We walked out of the cafรฉ into the parking lot.

It's raining, and the place is somewhat secluded, so it's safe to wander unguarded for a bit.

"I know." I faced him and smiled sweetly while he opened the car door for me.

"Then why are you suddenly acting weird?" He squinted his eyes in distrust and poked my nose.

"I'm not." I acted innocent,

"Now where's that Chanel photo of mine. I think it's time for some throwback. Someone's head is getting bigger because of that LV shenanigan."

"Tsk. I don't know if I should thank that friend of yours or not. Yong Ji can be a bad influence sometimes." He laughed at me while I tried to skim through my camera roll.

"You should thank her. She was the one who convinced me that not denying is better than confirming." I tiptoed and reached to kiss his left cheek.

I'm sure I was blushing hard so I quickly went inside his car and slammed the door before he could tease me.

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