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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hi everyone, it's Amy!

I've been happily lurking on so many sites for years now, but for some reason I got pulled out of anonymity. Guess it's the TKEM effect LOL. I'm somewhat active on Twitter (@heypinkshades) and Tumblr if you want to follow and support me, but I'll be posting on here as well!

I write RPF (Real People Fiction) based on Lee Minho and Kim Goeun. Right now my current project is a 4-part series called Falling For You. I also post related side-shots whenever it strikes my fancy.

I hope you enjoy and please give me some feedback! I really love hearing from readers.

Also, huge shout-out and much love to the creators of Street Hunt Cafe! 😘


Disclaimer 1: All my stories are pure fiction. While I write about real people and some real events, they are not accurate representations of the actors, their thoughts, or intentions.

Disclaimer 2: I'm not Korean so please be aware that there may be inaccuracies regarding my depiction of Korean culture and language. I'm writing based solely on what I know. My limited knowledge comes from having lived in Seoul for a few years and studying Korean as a hobby. If I make any cultural or language mistakes in my fics, please let me know so I can correct it!



Table of Contents

Part One: Lee Minho's POV

Part Two: Kim Goeun's POV

Part Three: Dual POV

Part Four: Dual POV - FINALE

Side Story One: Lee Yun Jeong's POV (LMH's sister)

Side Story Two: Kim In Gi's POV (KGE's father)

Side Story Three: Dancing Universe (Coming Soon!)

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