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We know rules are not fun, but we have to protect our online community.

The rules are applied to everyone, including YOU!


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You have Questions, We have Answers

Frequently asked questions

How do I find my way around?

When you click on 'Forum', you are directed to the page that contains list of topics. A topic is a conversation/ discussion within the community. Each topic starts out as a single post and grows as more individual posts are added by different users. To start a new post, click a topic that you're interested in, simply click on the 'Create New Post' button, then choose either "Start a Discussion" or "Ask a Question". The post with the most recent activity will appear at the top.

How do I read a post?

To read a post, click on the topic you are interested in and you will be directed to list of posts that have been created by Street Hunters. You'll see some brief information about the member who created the post, how many comments and likes the post gets, how many times the post has been viewed, and when is the recent activity of the post. To post a comment to an existing discussion/ question post, click on the 'Comment' button. If the 'Comment' button does not appear, it could mean you do not have permission to comment/ reply, or that the post has been closed to new replies.

How do I find out more about members?

Click on the 'Members' menu on top of the page. It will direct you to the list of members. To view information about a particular member, click on their profile. This will take you to their public profile page. However, fret not! Everyone can always make their profile private from the public simply by clicking ' Profile' or ' My Account', and click on 'Make Profile Private' button on the menu.

How do I see the newest posts?

On the 'Forum' page you'll see a section at the bottom that tells you the new posts that have been posted by Street Hunters.